Why not just buy a policy online or use a company with a call center?

1. When you go online to purchase a policy you do not have a licensed agent advising you on how much coverage you need.

I tell you how much insurance you need based on what you own and how much you can make in the future.

The average person does not know what the different coverages are they are purchasing and how they would be used in the event of a claim.

I am here to explain these to you and answer any questions so you can make an informed decision.

2. When you call an insurance company that uses a call center you most likely are talking to a customer service representative that is not a licensed agent.
The company is only required to have one licensed agent present in the office, the rest of the employees do not have to be licensed.
3. When you have a policy with an insurance company that uses a call center you talk to a different person every time you call in.
Each time you call you have to explain all over again what your situation or problem is.
That can get very frustrating.
The customer service rep also does not review all your policies to see if anything else needs changed.
For example: you currently have an auto policy with the company.
You call in and tell them you purchased a new home.
At that time you should review if you need to increase your liability coverage on your auto policy now that you own a home.
Most call centers do not do this type of review and you wind up with too low of coverages.
4. An independent agent can shop multiple companies for you at one time so you don’t have to spend the time doing it yourself.
5. If the rates with one company go up you don’t have to switch insurance agents.
An independent agent can shop you with the other companies they work with and find you a good policy with a reasonable price.
The reason most people are unhappy with their insurance is they don’t have the right coverages when it comes time to file a claim.
Insure your happiness by using a knowledgeable agent and following their advice.