Ever feel like your insurance agent is asking a million questions just to get a quote?

The reason for this, as an independent agent, is that companies give discounts for a variety of different things.

Here is a list of some of the potential insurance discounts that may be available to you:

1.  Discount based on your education level.

2.  Discount based on your job and industry.

3.  Discount based on how long you have been with your previous insurance company.

4.   Discount for living in a gated community.

5.  Discount for living in a retirement community.

6.  Discount for have a centrally monitored burglar and fire alarm.

7.  Discount for having a sprinkler system in your home.

8.  Discount for groups that you belong to such as AAA, alumni associations, corporations, groups such as Harley Owner’s Group, etc.

9.  Discount for taking a Defensive Driving course.

10. Discount for a teen driver that went to driving school.

11.  Discount for a teen driver with a B average or better in school.

12.  Discount for distance away that your college aged child lives and many other discounts.

13.  Discount for a monitored alarm system on your car such as Lojack.

The point is?

Make sure to be forthcoming with your agent, it can save you big bucks in discounts.  

Having all the information will make sure you get the right policy for you at a reasonable price.