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If you’re a lover of the open road and an RV is your favorite way to travel what do you need to consider to make sure you are properly insured for your RV?

Usually you have two options, you can add the RV on to your auto policy or you can do a separate, specialized RV insurance policy. 

Make sure you look at the specific coverages for each type before you choose to make sure you have the right coverages for the way you use your RV.

Specialized RV policies resemble a combination of your car insurance and home insurance policies.

What affects the price of an RV policy?


1. Your Driving Record

Just as with your auto insurance, the more accidents, violations and claims, the higher your premium will be.


2. Your Age and Gender

Some companies give a discount for this, or they may require that you have it to insure you.


3. Your Marital Status 

Married drivers are statistically proven to be safer drivers and get a lower rate.


4. Your Bill Paying History and Credit  

Most companies look at your bill payment history and credit as a factor of your ability to pay your 


5. The Make, Model and Year of your RV  

The type of RV you drive as opposed to a camper trailer or truck trailer will also make a difference on the type of coverages you need.


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6. The Value of Your RV.

Do you want full replacement value if eligible or are you doing Actual Cash Value (depreciated value) or Agreed Value (value agreed on by the insured and company)?


7. How Your RV is Used

Do you use it for vacations or as a primary residence?


8. How Often do You Use Your RV?

On average how many days a year do you use it and how many miles do you put on the RV?


9. RV Storage?

Where is the RV stored? 

Is it on the side of your house, do you keep it at an RV park or some other type of storage facility?


10. RV Safety Course

Some companies give a discount if you have taken an RV safety course recently.


11. RV Associations

Some companies will give a discount if you belong to an association. 

Review this with your agent.


What Types Of Coverages Should I Look For With My RV?


1. Personal Property

You may have some coverage for your personal property through your homeowner’s policy.

Find out how much that is. 

Many people bring a lot of expensive items such as cameras, computers, binoculars and jewelry on vacation with them.

You can very easily hit the maximum allowed on your homeowner’s policy. 

Add extra personal property coverage on your RV policy if this is needed.


2. Pet Injuries

Some companies offer coverage for injuries sustained by your pets while traveling in the RV.


3. Trailer and Golf Cart Coverage

Make sure you have coverage if you are towing anything behind your RV.


4. Roadside Assistance

Make sure you have a high enough level of roadside assistance, towing an RV is a lot more expensive than towing a car.


5. Trip Insurance

More than likely you will be far away from home on vacation when your RV breaks down.

Make sure you have coverage to help with living expenses while your RV is repaired.


6. Vacation Liability

This coverage will pay for bodily injury and property damage if someone or something gets hurt in or around your RV.

This is probably the most important optional coverage.


7. Extended Liability Coverage

Some companies will offer extended liability coverage for “full-time” RV’s and coverage for belongings kept in storage that don’t fit in the RV.


What should you review with your agent at renewal time that can affect price or the coverages you should have?


1. Review your usage

Update your agent on the amount of mileage and days of the year that you use the RV.

If it has changed significantly it may affect your price and the coverages you need.


2. Personal Property

Review what you typically pack in the RV on your trips and make sure you have enough coverage.


3. RV Storage

Have you changed where you store your RV?


4. Towing

Have you added any items that you tow behind the RV in the last year such as a golf cart or kayak, etc.?


5. RV Safety Course

Have you taken a safety course in the last year?


As always, make sure you fully discuss the options and uses with your agent so you get the right coverages to protect your assets and future earnings.

The right coverages insure your happiness at the time you file a claim.

I am here to make sure you get the right policy to protect you and make sure your insurance experience is a happy one.

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Want to See if You Have the Best Coverage for Your Recreational Vehicle?

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