Many people think all home insurance policies are the same.

Your coverage can vary widely with different home insurance companies.

For example, you have damage to your roof from a hail storm and the roof needs replaced.

Some home insurance policies would pay for the entire new roof.

Some policies only pay for a portion of the roof based on how old your current roof is. 

If your roof is 20 years old and on average it should last 40 years then some companies would make you pay for 50% of the cost to replace it.

That could cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

What if your home catches fire?

How long will your insurance company pay for your family to stay in a motel?

How fast will they respond and get your home repaired?

I am here to ask you the right questions and advise you on the right amount of insurance to cover yourself and your family, just in the case of a claim and/or potential lawsuit.

Play it safe, get informed before you purchase any type of insurance.

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